Here, you can download chaperonin sequences in FASTA format. You will be prompted to save the sequences as a text file.

If you are looking for taxonomy information to download, please visit the cpn60-Classifier. This repository contains training sets that can be used with the Ribosomal Database Project classifier or the QIIME2 q2-feature-classifier plugin to taxonomically assign chaperonin 60 (cpn60) sequences.

Sequence Type nucleotide UT sequence (available for group I chaperonins only)
peptide UT sequence (available for group I chaperonins only)
full nucleotide sequence
full peptide sequence
Sequences To Download cart contents (empty)
all group I reference sequences
all group I sequences
all group II reference sequences
all group II sequences
cpnDB_nr (UT only, one sequence per species, type strain preferred, current version 20220726)